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An Introduction To Retro Grade

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What makes a retro game good? For some reason, there is something extremely appealing about popping in Zelda to your NES and exploring. Retro Grade's aim is to find out why we have such reverence for these titles, and what makes them interesting from a design perspective. We will talk about how GUI design plays a role, why certain game mechanics were implemented how they were, and the level of difficulty. This Blog's aim is to give you an interesting perspective. We will discuss old games, retro games, and 2d games to great length.

An introduction to me:
I'm Thomas Hobohm. I love programming and photo editing. For an explanation There's a huge difference between doing art (Sprites, etc.) And editing things in / out of photos. I enjoy working with small nostalgic things (I'll show you my Pokemon card in the next post). I've been programming in C++ for 2 years now, and my favorite type of game is 2d roguelike RPG's.

Look out, tomorrow comes our first case study!

Oct 21 2012 12:22 AM
Welcome -- looking forward to your case study! :)

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