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[Development] Hooded Development #4: Refactoring!

4: Adsense

We are refactoring my code. More correctly, I am refactoring my code for Hooded. It is honestly terrible. What do I mean? Examine:

I didn't Pre-Visualize. My previous article stemmed from this, because I didn't pre-visualize and thus have scrapped all of my code. Literally all of it. I now am ten pages into my development journal (For every project I start, I pre-visualize by getting a 100 page journal and writing down the framework. I also jot down any solutions to problems I come up with at random.), and may I say it's coming along nicely. A lot of the things I've "put off" in the first development I have though extensively about, and thus this time I hope to throw away zero lines of code. Also, I never told you guys what Hooded *was*. So, here it is:

Hooded is a 2D tile-based platformer. Your character is in a hood the whole game, and you do not know who he is, however you see his life under a veil. You will navigate largely puzzle / maze based maps with combat mixed in. The combat will consist of swords and, in a update after release, *maybe* bows. The game will be made by me, Thomas Hobohm.

There it is. That is really the premise of Hooded. There is more, however that should be enough, for now...

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