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[Development] SCREENSHOT (Hooded Development #7)

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Posted Image

It's a Screenshot!

Of Grass.

That looks like crap.

What you're seeing right there is an image of grass that my Tile System loaded from a file.

The Tile System is currently in the process of getting scrapped and rewritten, so there you go. Isn't it amazing!

I hope to load more tiles, and show you a big array of different tiles, soon. However, on Black Friday I got a new monitor (Which I'm using right now). It was hooked up today. I'm going to be gone on the weekend too, Posted Image! I feel terrible, I want to stay and program, get some work done, however life keeps on getting in the way. So enjoy the screenshot. Also, as of now, I am looking for an artist that would like to do some Tile / Sprites. I'll put your name on the credits, etc., yet the game won't be sold, so there will be no profit. No pressure, however just look at that crappy grass!

Sorry about the crappy screenshot. I'll hopefully have some new code to show you next week, that's shiny and fun Posted Image!

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