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[Intro] No, I'm not leaving C++!

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Recently, when I talked of learning Java, many people believed I was quitting C++ because it was too hard or I didn't want to push forward. And this isn't true. I'm still actively developing in C++ and learning in C++, however I'm trying to get a more in-depth understanding of C++ than Java.

And in Space Invaders news:

Not much. I've been pretty focused on Java, however I'm going to have the enemy class finished soon!

And yes, I am continuing my C++ tutorial series. I'm just spending a lot of time making sure each entry is good :)!

Sorry for such a short post, Cheers Posted Image!

Apr 09 2013 11:11 PM

Hi @superman3275,


 Where can we find your C++ tutorial series?

Apr 10 2013 10:03 AM

Look at the "General Programming" section of articles :)!

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