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College, Stephen King, and Python!

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I have three things:

Thing One:
I'm taking a online course (from Rice university :)!) called "An introduction to interactive programming in Python!".

Thing Two:
I'm reading my first Stephen King book! The running man :)!

Thing Three:
I'm learning Python!

So yeah, awesomesauce :)!

Apr 24 2013 09:20 PM
When you're done with The Running Man, I highly recommend you read the Dark Tower series. (Starts with book one, The Gunslinger). If you like epic fantasy that takes place in a surreal version of the modern world, blending Old West gunslingers, irradiated mutants, dimensional portals that cross between parallel universes, wizards, demons, gun-toting chicks in wheelchairs with multiple personality disorders, vampires, and recovered drug addicts who engage in riddling contests against psychotic AI-driven trains with a tendency toward murder/suicide then you'll love it. Some of my favorite books of all time. Of All Time!

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