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The life of a Unity Developer

Planning for the Future

Posted by , 11 January 2013 - - - - - - · 1,131 views
unique, storyline, rapture, idea and 1 more...
Hey guys, I just wanted to say hello, and we haven't done an update for a while. We have a new gun ready for you, as well as our character controller. You can try out the controller here: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/28501152/Cus...WebPlayer.html
t's a bit glitchy because while the controller is almost done, zombie AI is still in there, and it's a WIP. Also, we have some terrain: https://dl.dropbox.com/u/135029092/Assets.html and a gun that can shoot with firework particles at the moment: http://eclipseofwar.site40.net/Map.html. But today I wanted to talk about the future. This game still has several months of development, but the future and the end of the game, which is sad, is inevitable. I've talked to a couple of people on the team, and while we still have to confirm several members, we plan on keeping the team long-term to produce more games and quality content. And with that, we have a good foundation for another game that we plan to start development with after this project: The biblical end times: every Christian disappears, leaving the world in chaos. Husbands looking for wives, parents looking for children. People become savages. There are many excuses for what happened: alien invasions, nuclear radiation. But you know the truth. You turned from the ways of God, and now you've been left behind while the Christians were taken to heaven. The last seven years of mankind have began. Then a strong man will rise to power, claiming to be able to solve the worlds problems, performing miracles. Many believe him to be the messiah, but you know better: he's the anti-Christ, the Deceiver. He is here to destroy. Soon, he makes people take a mark of loyalty in the left hand or forehead. Many people do it, but you know that if you take it, you will burn in Hell for all of eternity because the Bible states in Rev. 14:9-12 states: "For any man takes the mark of the Beast and worships his image, for he will burn in brimstone and fire for all of eternity." Christianity is soon banned. People are allowed to kill christians on the streets. If you don't have the mark, you'll be beheaded. Then, it's the war between good and evil. Weapons of mass destruction are revealed. People are executed on the streets. Will you be able to live for the seven years, and be there for Christ's return? Because in the end, God will crush the anti-Christ, and all of the Christians and the people that turned to him will be in a New Heaven and reign with Christ for eternity. And the cool part? This is all predicted in the book of Revelation in the Bible! This will be a very explosive and unique idea for a video game. We want to finish our first game first, and then we will start development on this.

What do you guys think of this idea?

Did I hear playable BETA?!

Posted by , 07 January 2013 - - - - - - · 743 views
beta, zombie, survival, simulator
Hey guys, we have some exciting news. Not Dead Enough, our ambitous open world zombie apocalypse simulator, will have a playable BETA in early march! We hope to have the Beta ready by February 28th, then we'll release it soon after! This has been a very exciting educational experience for us, and we can't wait for you to be able to try it out, too! The game has been tough and very hard, and with a team of only 12 people and no budget, nothing of this scale has been pulled off ever before! Thanks guys, can't wait for you to be able to try it!

Game Design Document- Getting work done

Posted by , 04 January 2013 - - - - - - · 830 views

Yes. We're alive. And our game is still in production. Not Dead Enough, our ambitious zombie apocalypse simulator, is still in production. If you don't know about it, read it and all of it's updates here (we post here more than the dev journal): http://forum.unity3d.com/threads/158344-Not-Dead-Enough-a-zombie-apocalypse-simulator-now-in-production!http://forum.unity3d.com/threads/158344-Not-Dead-Enough-a-zombie-apocalypse-simulator-now-in-production!

For this post, I just want to say that we are working on a little game design document, and when we finish that one, we will have a much more detailed one. The less detailed one that we're working on now is roughly 25 pages, while the more detailed one will be about 50 pages, and we'll upload a small pic sneak peek in a while. I was thinking about doing a small give-a-way where I would send you a digital copy of the Game Design Document once it's finished (personalized). Just comment below if you would be interested in a copy and we'll do a giveaway. Thanks!