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Some Screenshots+Q&A day!

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First off, if you don't know what our game will be, you should probably check that out first, or this might not make much sense. Actually, I'll just summarize it right here: Our game, titled 'Not Dead Enough', will be a zombie survival MMO (as well as a short 'story' with tasks), with more realism than most. Think DayZ concept, with totally new ideas. Let's just jump right in. Here is what our awesome 3D artists (James, Tobias, August, Mark) did:
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We also have a terrain (A very large terrain that hasn't been done in many games before), but there is pretty much nothing but hills and trees yet, so they will soon be added.

Now, we have our FAQ:
Q: Do you have a price or a release date yet? No and No. We've been working hard on this game, however there is no release date planned yet.
Q: How are you working on and planning your game? We have really used games like this (DayZ and WarZ) and learned from them. We are looking to improve on their flaws, if you will.
Q: Will you have a demo soon? We will not have a multiplayer beta released anytime soon, however, we may have a short single-player demo ready for you soon.
Q: We see that people have been bashing the idea of an MMO considering how you were shot almost every time you were seen by another player in games like this. How are you looking to fix that? We have a couple of solutions to solve this. One way is that you will be able to set up and build a base, whether you are in a group or not, so you can stay safe if it is stable. Another way is by playing this same survival mode, except in a private match by yourself or by inviting people you know. Another thing is our communication system. Not only will there be a mic and text chat option, but the player will be able to surrender to the person, showing that you mean no harm.
Q: What kind of environments can we be expecting? That's the cool thing, see, because really, you can travel everywhere, anytime. There will be big cities, small towns, farms, forests, etc. which brings me to something else. You can really "shape" your environment, because you can build things such as walls, forts, anything. So really, you as a player can restore humanity. Do you want to build a town? Heck, if you have the equipment go for it! If people trust you enough, you could rebuild a civilization. Of course, with our zombies, the could still break in, and that's your job to stop them from doing so. With this feature, I think people will be excited. Of course, this is survival, so you will still have to find food, water, medicine, etc. for your town, so trust me, it won't be easy.
Q: What kind of zombies will be here? Well, these zombies will be the slow moving, brain-dead (no pun intended) zombies. They will be attracted to noises, and in hordes they could be quite dangerous.

That's all for todays Q&A, however, if you have questions, you can either PM me or type it into the comments below, and it could be featured in the next Q&A! Also, be sure to leave feedback, because we want to hear what you think, especially about the new "build" system. Thanks for reading!

Dec 03 2012 02:05 PM
Looks good! That magnum looks like it needs a little more texture for the silver parts, though.
Dec 04 2012 10:02 AM
Thanks Prinz, we'll retexture the model!

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