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Something Depressing...

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One of the worst fears of a game developer is that someone big would start developing something like your game. This happened when I was checking out my Work-In-Progress forum on the Unity 3D website when someone brought something depressing to my attention. Undead Labs is in development of State of Decay: http://www.polygon.com/gaming/2012/9/5/3285711/state-of-decay-is-about-surviving-managing-the-zombie-apocalypse. If you have been following our game updates, you know that by the sound of things, this is very much like what kind of game we're building. We promise you, I had never even heard of this game when we started development up until the other day. I was sad, and I thought that for sure we were done. But we aren't done. You would think that with something big like this, a team would surely have to give up. That's what I thought at first, as well. It really discouraged me. But in the long run, this will keep us strong and encourage us. This inspires us to push on and keep going. We worked too hard to quit now. This isn't a quitting point, it's a learning experience. We can definitely learn from what this game does, and it will help us. So, this game won't bring us down. Thanks for reading guys, I just wanted to post this to let people know and remind them not to quit, no matter what. Thanks for reading guys, we'll have a terrain trailer coming out soon. Thanks guys, blog to you later!

Dec 03 2012 08:38 PM
There is nothing that says their game will be good. Sure it will have sexy graphics but that may be just about it. You can really do well if you stay true to the design and figure out the best way to present that to the audience. If you can achieve that you will have created a success. Make it a lower price because it is indie and you may really have a big chance at upsetting this big developer. I think it is good you planned to not give up. Keep on keeping on! :)
Dec 03 2012 08:52 PM
Thanks riuthamus, it's really people like you that keep us going, we couldn't do it if it wasn't for inspirations like you.
Dec 04 2012 12:24 AM
I call this calculated risk.

When developing a zombie game these days, you must accept, that you will not be the only one. We had a similar experience. One day my friend was depressed because he read a preview of an upcoming game (now released) which sounds a lot like ours. I was more calm, because I know that this will happen. Eventually our game is not like theirs. Guess what, there are more than one successful modern shooter around, so, just make the game you want and others will most likely love it too.
Dec 04 2012 06:22 AM
Remember that the very same idea can be a very different game when executed by different teams. Don't directly rip off another game, add your own touches to things, and make the best game you can make, and you'll end up with your own product that doesn't look or feel like a copy. It's the unfortunate reality that any idea you're likely to have will be thought up by others as well, and particularly if you're using a popular theme or genre it's likely some of those will be followed though.

Good to hear you're pushing on rather than being discouraged. :-)
Dec 04 2012 10:00 AM
Thanks guys, in the end, I definitely feel that ours will be different.

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