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HUGE news!

huge big news zombie apocalypse simulator
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Hey guys, I know that I haven't been writing alot lately. But soon that will pay off. Hopefully in early 2013 we will have a demo of our ambitious zombie apocalypse survival simulator, Not Dead Enough. The terrain is almost complete, and once that is done, we will implement the randomly spawned zombie generator that our awesome programmer Levi has been working on, then hopefully soon we will have a custom character controller! After that, we will have the demo almost complete. For the demo you will be able to walk around on the suburban terrain (or the forest terrain, we haven't decided yet.) and slay zombies. You will be able to enter houses and find weapons, shoot zombies, etc. The zombies and characters will be placeholders. The terrain, possibly the houses, and the code will all be ours.

Dec 17 2012 10:43 AM
What map format are you going to use? I'm not familiar with unity. Last time I tried to make a really big Quake 3 BSP map it took 4+ minutes to compile.
Dec 17 2012 10:44 AM
I wonder how hard doors are to implement in unity. Maybe you can even add keys so that you can use them as storage bases.
Dec 17 2012 12:23 PM
Hey polyfrag, the terrain artist isn't using the built-in terrain editor, he is using some 3D modeling apps to do it. Doors aren't to hard, however, since it's the zombie apocalypse the character won't need a key, he'll just burst down the door.

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