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Game Over the Holidays- Introduction

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Hey guys, I'm going to try something that will hopefully brighten my game development skills. I want to try to complete a small game with a deadline of January 3rd. It will be just a small first person free roam game over a small area where you can shoot at things. I want to add a couple of things:

Police system
cover system
Maybe a couple other things.

Since I want to be realistic, I will probably focus mostly on gameplay and use already made assets mostly (Buildings, terrain, weapons will probably be mine.) And then if it does good, I will add more things/ my own assets after the main gameplay is finished and the deadline is up. I'll update here daily starting the day after tomorrow (I'll be traveling home.) I'd like some ideas of more things to possibly add slash feedback, so I'm open to anything. Thanks and tell me what you think!

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