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Game Over the Holidays- Day 1 Complete

Posted by , 23 December 2012 · 767 views

Game holidays free roam
Today I finished some things for my small free roam game that I talked about in my last post (If you haven't seen it, you might want to check it out first). Here's what I finished:
-Downloaded placeholder models/animations
-Worked on terrain a bit
-Worked on some code for AI
That's pretty much what I finished today! I might not have much time tommorow or the next day (Christmas), but I will try to implement these features by the 27th:
-Finish AI
-Finish Terrain
-Start on character controller (FPS)
-If I have time, work on HUD.
After I finish this, I will try to upload a vid of it. PLEASE comment and tell me what you would like to have added/show that you would like something like that, and I will work on some more things after I finish the main part and my deadline is up. (I'll work on it part time, I have another project that comes first Posted Image.)