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Alex.SilR's Journal

4: Adsense

Day 29 - College

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Day 28 - College

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Day 27 – [SinC] – Floor, skybox and the cube

Mirrored from my blog (en, pt-br).

Today I started fixing a logic error in the winning script. The fix was simple and quick.

As I now have the mechanics working (minus the bugs that I did not find) I decided to start to refine the graph, leaving it the way I...

Day 26 – [SinC] – Internal improvements, Inverter/Remove gravity and remove forces

Mirrored from my blog (en, pt-br).

Today I started refactoring the internal mechanics of winning leaving it much more flexible than it was before. Now when I do the level design will be much easier.

In the winning script I ended up using the singleton (design...

Day 25 – [SinC] – rayCast fix, C# event and Demo

Mirrored from my blog (en, pt-br).

Today I started fixing the bug of the rayCast of yesterday, it was taking in the triggers of the stands causing the crosshair misaligns up with the projectile. I added the layerMask and passed as argument to the rayCast to...

Day 24 – [SinC] – Chess look, Bug DontGoThroughThings, Trigger and rayCast.

Mirrored from my blog (en, pt-br).

Today I started making a change in the look of sync, as I want to focus on the mechanics at the time I did everything a chess texture. I was pleased, because became standardized and...

Day 23 – [SinC] – DontGoThroughThings

Mirrored from my blog (en, pt-br).

Today I did some things in sync:
Color of the mass panel changed to red.
Q e E keys to toggle between min and max.
Change projectile mass with Ctrl + Scroll.
Projectile gravity removed.

Day 22 - [SinC] – Game Overview Document, CustomPlayer and Shoots

Mirrored from my blog (en, pt-br).

On day 22 I did the GODD of the SinC, the CustomPlayer, and the gun shoot.

The first thing I did today was the GOD of Sync (Shooting Into Cubes [name that thought for now]). I will not explain how the GOD is, it is easier to...

Day 21 – Blender, Prototype and SetTexture

Mirrored from my blog (en, pt-br).

The day 21 was basically a copy of the previous day. What I had in mind to model the gun didn’t work, so I ended up spending more time than I should again. In the end I ended up not liking the result, but I’ll use it...

Day 20 – Blender, prototype and Qdir

Mirrored from my blog (en, pt-br).

Today I spent the whole day modeling and thinking about how will be the gun of the prototype of the game that I haven’t discussed here yet. In the end I did not get to any model that satisfied me, but it was worth because...