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Day 5 - Tumblr, Chapter 4, Find() and Strip’em

4: Adsense

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On day 5 I create this tumblr, posted the pass days and finish of read the chapter 4 of the book.

As I said earlier I had begun writing at Penzu, but I decided write in some place public and more known. As I wanted something simple and practical I opted for tumblr instead wordpress. Create an account and posting took a while, but it was pretty easy.

Chapter 4 continued talking about script and some basic programming concepts. There was nothing new to me, I just have a question when using the Find() function.

The Find() of the GameObject class returns a reference to a GameObject that is on the Scene (objects that are in the hierarchy). As the objects in the hierarchy don’t need have a unique name, what the Find() will return when two or more objects have the same name?

I did a little test and the answer is that the Find() returns a reference to the first object it encounters, regardless if there is more than one.

One thing that was annoying me, and that a resolve today was that Unity give a warning when the end of file doesn’t was saved in Windows(CR LF) format. To resolve it I install the plug-in Strip’em that can be set to save in Windows(CR LF) automatically.

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PS: Sorry for the bad english.

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