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Day 8 - Unity, Blender and Productivity Power Tools

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Mirrored from my blog (en, pt-br).

Day 8 was much more productive that this weekend (day 6 and 7). I read chapter 5 and 6 of the book Unity 3.x Game Development Essentials and watch more video lessons of Blender.

The chapter 5 did an introduction to collisions and implemented in three different ways the collision used to open the door of the station. The three forms are:
  • Resizing the box collider of the own door - The worst form in this situation, because the player is locked when collided with the collider, and how the collider is bigger that the door mesh, the player hangs on nothing.
  • Ray cast - Better than before, but still got the problem that the door only opens when the player is facing it.
  • Creating Another Box Collider and setting it for isTrigger - That was the best solution presented (assuming it works as if the door had a motion sensor) and that will stay the rest of the project. The door opens when the player comes close, not get stuck and do not need to be facing the door to open.

Posted Image

In Chapter 6 is implemented a simple logic to only open the door when a total of 4 power cells is collected by the player. Are also implemented several feedback to the player, such as:
  • Display messages.
  • Display at screen (HUD) how much is left of cells to “fill up all the energy.” Is also placed a power generator on the door showing the same information as the screen.
  • A light above the door indicating whether locked or not (red and green).
  • Sounds when: get energy cells, trying to open the locked door.


I’m really enjoying the book, I think this week I can finish reading.

As chapter 5 and 6 uses quite a lot of script, one thing I missed in Visual Studio was the autocomplete feature for (), [], {}, “” and so on. So I searched and found the Productivity Power Tools plugin, very good, I recommend.

I’m also really enjoying the video lessons of Blender, even not creating something from start to finish each video introduces a new tool. When I get a more advanced stuff this overview will be cool. After finishing this video lesson I will take a look at Blender DVD Training 10 Venoms Lab 2 and I found a blog that appears to be very good! Blender Guru.

PS: Sorry for the bad english.

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