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Day 10 – Unity and Google SketchUp

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Today I read chapter 9 of the book Unity 3.x Game Development Essentials and installed the Google SketchUp to see how is the interaction with Unity.

Chapter 9 build an menu in two ways:Although this chapter build a very simple menu and be quite easy to mess with menu in Unity was the most interesting because it was what most was new to me.

Menu using GUITexture:

Posted Image

Menu using GUI and GUISkin class:

Posted Image

I installed the Google SketchUp to see what it was like to export and import models. The free version of SketchUp export to. Dae (COLLADA) that Unity can import (Blender too). I had no problem in this process, although read on a forum that some people had. The scale was however very different.

On day 9 I made a “measurement” of the scale in Unity relative to Blender , and gave 0.5, ie to import into Unity is necessary reduce 50% of the size of the model. I did the same test in SketchUp and the result was quite different. A cube of 1 m in SketchUp is equivalent to a cube ~39.37m Unity, then the scale was ~ 0025 (2.5%). In the picture below the red cube is created within Unity.

Posted Image

I did this test to see if it was possible to use SketchUp, now I’ll look for some tutorials of it, because it seems that it is much easier than the Blender to build architecture.

PS: Sorry for the bad english.

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