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Day 12 – Unity, Blender and SketchUp

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Today I finished reading the book Unity 3.x Game Development Essentials, and finished watching the video lesson Blender 2.6 Essential training, then I watched a few tutorials of SketchUp.

In chapter 11 was made some finishing touches on the game and the most interesting was the introduction of lightmapping, which basically is a process that adds the effect of light and shadow on the texture itself. Since the effect of light and shadow will be applied directly in texture, this technique is used only for static objects. Using lightmapping can be a way to insert shadow in free version of Unity, but will depend on the case, therefore, is static shadow.

Without lightmapping.

Posted Image

With lightmapping.

Posted Image

Chapter 12 was pretty interesting too. It was about various settings and points to consider when constructing the final game (the file that will be distributed), both Standalone and Web.

Posted Image

Chapter 13 was very short and did not have anything interesting, so I will not even comment.

The last part of the video lesson of Blender Character Rigging talked about, although it was interesting was very superficial, showed how put Armature in that creature and how make a simple animation.

Posted Image


Later I watched some tutoriais of SketchUp made by google (which are very good by the way). SketchUp is much easier to use than Blender (at least for the simplest things). However when I imported the model from the table that is made in part 4 of the tutorial for unity could not apply texture on it, it seems that need be done the UV mapping first. I did some research and some users were doing it through the Blender, but when I imported in Blender, the model opened with the drawer in the wrong place, which did not happen in Unity. Tomorrow or Sunday I will give one more researched to see if it really is worth studying SketchUp, since Unity doesn’t natively support it and despite being easier that Blender will not completely replace.

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PS: Sorry for the bad english.

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