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Day 19 – Blender, NormalMap generators and beginning of a project

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Today I started watching part 6 of the video lesson Training Course: Low Poly Game Asset Creation – Fire Hydrant in Blender and Unity 3D, played around with NormalMap and started thinking about the first project.

In part 6 of the video lesson was done the baking of NormalMap. Following the tutorial I started having some problems and ended up running out of patience to resolve and finish of watching. And as the project I’m in mind, will not use anything too complicated related to modeling, I’ll take a break from video lesson and focus on the prototype of this project.

After stopping the video lesson I started testing some textures, and how most I found don’t had NormalMap, I researched some programs that generate NormalMap from the texture itself.

The first I found was the SSbump Generator (free). I liked it, it has some options in generating NormalMap, but (not sure if it was only with this texture because I haven’t tested with another) it generated the NormalMap in different resolution that the texture, made it almost impossible to use it.

Posted Image

After I found the nMaker (free), which is simpler than the SSBump Generator, but has no option to generate the NormalMap. What made it impossible depending on your need to use it. (Requires photoshop installed to operate).

As neither the SSbump Generator and neither nMaker solved my problem, I downloaded the trial version of CrazyBump. Besides having more options than SSbump Generator, it has a preview of the material, which helps a lot. The downside of it is that the license is quite expensive.

Posted Image

About the project I have in mind, I will not say anything now because this still only in my head, when I have something specific I’ll post. This weekend I hope to leave the prototype well underway.

PS: Sorry for the bad english.

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