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The bad side of being independent and handling PR, gets you the brainmelt.

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4: Adsense

Ever since we released the demo we had a lot of good feedback! The story and Fran really got to people the way we wanted to, the story was getting lift up and the immersion. We were really happy about that, since we are former filmmakers, who never really succeeded there either since our films where to narrowed down to a specific genre. Anyway, games are the best way to tell a story for us! You are interactive and there!

Now, when that part was over and we could finally breathe again, we had to start reaching out to people.. That part sucks!

I now have the fullest respect to those people who get paid to talk with people, those PR folks! All mails I send out to sites and whatnot return with nothing, I try to do my research and make every mail personal, but it's like applying for a job and then get a "No, thx" and not even a "bye".

And we are only two! I should be working on the game and Natalia should be drawing, and we thought this bit would be the easiest.. But it isnt! We both feel exhausted by talking about the game to everyone, we feel like dirty sellers that forces stuff to people they don't know about, its disqusting!

One thing I've noticed is that when Natalia sends emails and stuff, she gets a respons faster. We should ride with that, since she is female and a game developer! But then she gets all that workload and it's not right either.

And as a side note, we have had friendly youtuber guys helping out with doing let's plays, but really, the biggest coverage we have gotten have come from women! That is interesting. I am totally against mixing up the sex when it comes to creative creations, but it's atleast interesting. Let's see what the final statistic says, just because I really like statistics.

And! Another side note, that I'm most angry about! You know Sweden delivers pretty cool games? We are from Sweden! I've written to all the gaming sites and people here. NO ANSWERS! We get more help from Chile, that's a totally bigger country and poorer, and Italy and Germany! BUT NOT SWEDEN! It's just like the movie industry!

Anyway, my brain is about to melt and I just want to make the game. Being indie from your home without contacts really sucks if you want to reach out like the big boys.

As I always forget, this is the link to our indiegogo campaign! http://igg.me/at/franbow/x/3685996

Jul 13 2013 10:39 AM

I know the feeling. Our team has 3 people 2 coders and myself as the artist. The coders are shy and lack some serious social skills. This means I spend most of my time promoting and trying to find more members/support. Not to mention the CPA and Legal side of things. I would have never guessed it was so much work and at the end of the day if I did anything with the PR side I wasted all that time I could be doing art. So... i feel you!

Jul 13 2013 07:20 PM

Woah shit, I just looked at the list to where we sent emails.. here it is!


indie game magazine 


PC Gamer.se



Pixels for breakfast

Indiegameblogs = Verkar va gammalt


ongames(spain) http://www.ongames.com/contacto

pixep prospector http://www.pixelprospector.com/contact/

game people editor@gamepeople.co.uk

4colorrebellion http://www.4colorrebellion.com/#

vandal (spanish)

the game jar


indie retro news


Rock paper shotgun


pc games n



atomic gamer








the escapist

game revolution

venus patrol




















blistered thumbs

armless octopus



indie impressions




The penny arcade report

Jul 13 2013 07:21 PM

And then we have a list of adventure game sites that i just dont wanna look at because then my eyes bleed :(

Jul 13 2013 07:23 PM

I'll post an update here of how many responses we get in the week

Jul 14 2013 02:28 AM

Wow that's a big list. I find this interesting as I am also releasing my game sometime in the near future (hopefully) and also located in Sweden. However, I am a one man team... guess that makes it even more difficult :-/

Jul 14 2013 08:11 AM

Eee! Another Swede! Then I recommend you bookmark this page http://press.pixelprospector.com/ ! It's not difficult to send the emails, its just hard mentally and spiritually! You can do it even by yourself. Else I've heard there is http://indieviddy.com/ who can help out with that bit. We havn't tried it ourselves yet but we will see how the respons are from our own try, then we might try that.

Jul 14 2013 11:12 PM
How do you send your emails? Do you just send out a short press release?If so, that'll be something for me to consideras well when I get further along.
Jul 15 2013 12:04 AM
I just checkedout the page with the list of game sites. That's a great list.
Jul 15 2013 09:13 AM

How do you send your emails? Do you just send out a short press release?If so, that'll be something for me to consideras well when I get further along.


Yes, short and simple yet personal if you can find a contact who you can do some research about.

Jul 15 2013 02:19 PM

As a little update we have had some responses but mostly from sites we never even e-mailed :o Thats awsome but also tragic!

Jul 20 2013 10:18 AM

Good luck guys!  Keep the faith!

Jul 20 2013 07:20 PM

Don't give up. You still have about 40 days. Also, you should edit this blog post to include your indiegogo link. You're on the front page of Gamedev.net. That's great advertising.


This is the link to their Fran Bow Page


from this post

Help us out with crowdfunding!

Jul 20 2013 07:57 PM
By the way, I'm not affiliated with this project in any way. I just want them to succeed.
Jul 21 2013 02:32 PM

Good luck! I'll be in your situation soon...

Jul 23 2013 03:11 AM

Good luck! I'll be in your situation soon...


Stay stubborn and don't be afraid to let people know about your game or what it is you are doing! That is so frustrating but it seems to be the only way for us to be heard and seen..

Jul 23 2013 03:12 AM

By the way, I'm not affiliated with this project in any way. I just want them to succeed.


<3 mua!

Jul 23 2013 09:50 AM

Wow. That sucks. Good luck ;)


I'll have to deal with this soon... I'm starting to believe that this isn't something to try for the first time with high quality product.

Jul 23 2013 12:26 PM

A huge bonus, as I have learned, is to have some sort of connection within the important people, then you'll get featured right on time and such! So, maybe we tiny ones should be building up that relation with those people before trying to reach out without knowing anyone or having even a mention of your work somewhere first. You should think the game sells itself, but that really isn't the case without lots of right friends! 


So, as of today, we have yet to be featured in any of the biggest sites that post previews and news about crowdfunding games, but we have reached a huge amount of smaller sites that have been really really awesomely helpful and written deep and personal about Fran Bow! That makes it so much worth our blood and sweat, to know that are are those people who really care and enjoy these small indie games! I'm gonna pop up a list of those sites, many of who we didn't even e-mail because they weren't listen anywhere we could find.. 

Jul 23 2013 12:31 PM

And also! Youtubers seem to be the source of most exposure! There has been many youtubers making Let's plays on Fran Bow which has been awesome to watch (with their voice acting and all! hah!) There are so many small youtubers that do their stuff with a lot of personality, but getting a gameplay video from Ken was really boosting our backing on indiegogo! So, I would recommend everyone to also have it as a must-do to reach out to the lovely youtubers! They most likely get happy to try out new undiscovered games :) For each e-mail, send the game to a youtuber!

Jul 25 2013 11:39 AM

As a little update we have had some responses but mostly from sites we never even e-mailed ohmy.png Thats awsome but also tragic!

That's exactly what happened to us as well. The first preview we got was from a site we never even contacted...

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