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Small step for publishers, a giant ninja leap for us! Android demo!

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Small step for publishers, a giant ninja leap for us! Android demo! Posted Image <- Click to get the Fran Bow demo on your favorite Android... become the FRANDROID!

I get to finally put that google play logo and link it to a game i've made! Or, am making, but still! It's our point and click adventure game Fran Bow, the updated demo version! It's still ninja, so if you like it now just know that you got to try it out before the PC people!

We are working on the last huge update for it right now, adding and improving lots of stuff! That's what happens when you have been locked inside with a project, not showing it to anyone, and then let it out to play with the rest of the world.. you get a lot of feedback! And that is so much awesome, because we take note of everything and somehow when we go through it all having slept nothing it's like reading a bible thats giving us new ideas and how to improve what we love.. amazing

So, there's one last "content" update coming, then we will be back to the boring PR part again.. now with a new demo and android we might get a new chance to actually making it on the crowd funder!

This is the link to our crowd funder, where we try to get the support enough to work on this game and get it done!.

Ah! And there has been two reports(!) that the game has slowed down so much it crashed, I suspect it's a memory leak but I can't find it anywhere! Hoping to get some more feedback if anyone else encouters it.. I want to find that sucker.. Posted Image

And when this is all over, I want to write some kind of "blog" or "guide" about the whole crowd funding process, reaching out to press and our entire failure in doing it the correct way from the beginning but learning from tons of people along the way. It would really be from a "first-timers" perpective, maybe someone would find it helpful..

Jul 31 2013 10:09 AM

I like the new icon very much. It has an "Alice in Wonderland" appearance and I believe the game gets added play because of that.

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