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Codename : Space

Posted by , in Codename:Space 22 November 2012 · 574 views

For a while, (or "A long time ago, in a gala... Hmm, I digress.) I am interested in space and doing a game in this environment.
Fed by a plethora or Star trek and Stargate episodes, I wanted to give to this project the same kind of atmosphere.

Okay, now that you told your life, you explained to us what it is ?

Space (it's a codename), is a game that I imagined, it's more like a giant concept program that I dev on my free time.
Basicaly, it started from two "simple" wishes :
  • I want to be able to fly my own starship, and visit it's interior integrally. From the bridge, to the rear dock.
  • I want to have a procedural universe with planets, asteroids, etc, etc, all visitable, like in "Infinity".
That's how I started doing this little game.

In this blog, I'll write some articles on the advancement of this program, and methods used to achieve my goals.
I hope this could help someone else. Who knows ? Posted Image

Aw, a last thing, I'm not a English speaker, so, if you see any fault (my bet there's are many of them).
Thanks !

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