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Movement (in life, not a game)

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Here I am.
My name is Phil Manning and I am a video game designer/programmer.
I am still unknown, and I've only been programming for a couple years, but I plan to walk this path to its end.

I started with HTML back in high school, but we really didn't have any other hard core computer courses then. To be honest, HTML isn't really a big interest of mine anyway. In junior college I focused primarily on general education, and getting my life on track. Once in "real" college, I started programming with C++ and Java. I had other encounters with Flash, HTML5/php/Javascript/AJAX, Python, Prolog, Scheme, and LISP (I think that was all of them). After running the gauntlet, I took a class in C programming and wound up planting myself firmly back into C++ to attempt some OpenGL.

During all of this, I've tried my hand at some game programming, but always found myself lacking in some area.
Well no more.
I'm set to graduate in a few months, and it's time to get this DONE! Or started. Whichever.

Enough about the personal story that nobody cares about though.
On the 14th I started a C++ project that aimed to create modules that could be assembled together in any combination. The goal was to make a sort of "engine" where one could create a game (on the console) with a very small amount of effort. About a week into the projects, I found I had roped myself into circular dependencies and, just last night, I decided to abandon the "module" idea. I didn't do enough planning from the get go, and there are several things I had to do that locked the modules into a Windows system. If I'm going to make modules like that, I'd rather they not only be for a specific environment.
So modules is being pushed back, and I'm using what I have to make a Rogue-like game in the console window. I say rogue-like, but that only covers the visual style. This game will have separate battles like an RPG, along with equipment, magic, party members, stats, etc. In that sense, it's more like a simple RPG. Anyway, that's what's up for the moment. I'll be gutting and combining .h and .cpp files this afternoon, so when I actually get something to show, I'll show it. The menu is pretty much all done, but I'd jut like to get everything into it's "Normal Config".

Anyway, thanks for reading. Sorry for a long post with no payoff, but I'll have something for you within a few days!


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