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slicer4ever's Journal

4: Adsense

WoA IV - Looking towards WoA V.

Good day to everyone, with the WoA IV wrapping up i'd like to create another yearly post-mortem from my perspective on things, and what i have learned this year for next year. 
First of all i'd like to apologize for the initial announcement coming the way it did, I tried to silently skip out on the responsibility's for this years event, and that was...

WoA IV - My Results

This is my scoresheet and feedback on each game, please note the feedback is under the scores, not above them! ----
Team: 7 day masochists
Game: nameless
Download: https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0ByRMOIz9rEO0NFlIUkg1MDlwVkE&usp=sharing
Members: IYP, newt
Tech: - Gameplay: 15/25
Graphics: 16/20
Theme: 10/20
Audio: 7/10
FTUE: 4/10

WoA IV - Post mortom

Ah, it's done, 1 hour to spare i might add! The level editor proved to come through, and i was able to build 4 levels, the 4th being my most massive. It was a pretty intense week, going from "this doesn't seem to look right", to "this looks amazing!" was a wild moment. having that first real level load up and the lighting system come to life was a moment...

WOA IV - Day 6

Today has been productive as all hell. having the level editor done has freed up so much time in designing things, i was a bit worried about how the shadow system would play out, but now with a real level i think it works phenominally well. Pathing generation is done, collision systems are done, audio is 90% done, ai is done. goddamn all that's left is so...

WoA - Day 5

Damn it's been a long day, the map editor took way to long, but alas it is done, and i quite like her i might say. she could find use in the future. wiring up so many ui elements, was a damn chore, and am thankful to be done with the majority of it. I do need to think of a better system for storing the registered events as right now it's fairly lazy list...

WoA IV - Day 4

Well today i spent most all day working on my level editor. i've made decent progress with the...UI. lol, i spent way to much time making the ui fairly useful, in fact i wasted 3 hours writing in both a scroll bar, and list box for use with the map editor. I probably should have short cutted some things, but well i can create, save, and load maps pretty s...

Day 3 - Light system done

Today was the last day of the week i had to work, and unfortuantly i didn't get much sleep the night before so for the most part i was half tired the entire day. Eventually i just called it a night fairly early at 9, and figured i'd get some solid sleep in to be refreshed for the next day. anyway, i did stick out and got my lighting system in place:...

Woa Iv - Day 2

In year's past the with work, and staying on top of all entry's and organizing things has kept me from being able to attempt throwing something together. but this year i have half the week off after tomorrow, so I figured i'd jump into the gauntlet and put myself through the paces like all the other contestants :). obviously i can't win any awards. anyway...

One code base to rule them all!

For quite awhile i took a break, getting frustrated with my progress on my framework. recently i've decided to come back with a new plan in mind, get it to the point that it can be used to make something. originally my goal was to fully flesh out each module, while the core and platform modules are mostly done, the original plan was to gnerialize a render...

Week Of Awesome III - Postmortem

This is my postmortem for the WoA III. I have been mulling over what many of the contestants have said, what has been discussed. I tried to reflect more on how to improve things for next year. The one word i've seen thrown around quite a bit is "disappointment", not in the contest itself, but each competitor's feelings toward what they created, and where...