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Undead Castle Dev Journal

What's Happening with my Team?

Posted by , 07 February 2013 - - - - - - · 1,060 views
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I've had over 2000 views on my developers journal now, so I figure I should clear the air on what's actually happening with my team and why it might look to some people like we're all over the place. About a week ago there was a post regarding a new contract we had. I took that down. Reasons are confidential, but I can say that the project deal went bad within 4 days, due to a conflict of interests (so to speak). The team was really excited, but we have better things to do than to get burned after working ourselves to death on a "side project." So the big game we're working on right now, the one we have been working on for a few months now (concept/pre production phases) is the Undead Castle. See more about the project on our main page at blmdev.com.

A brief history before I continue: Broken Limits Media (BLM) started out as Broken Limits back in August '11. We went through a number of members and one failed project attempt and eventually finished Cubicle Chimera (cubiclechimera.com) ((Beta)). We decided to rap it up as a beta because it was a project to get our feet wet and familiarize ourselves with development, as a team. It worked for what it was intended for, so don't be too harsh when you play the rusty beta. We know it could be better. After that, I wrote a few concepts for the team to pick from and everyone leaned towards the Undead Castle. All the while, from about March 2012, I was communicating with the potential client. That fell through though.

Now we're working on the Undead Castle and we're concepting another game to make back some of the expenses incurred on the short-lived, bad contract deal. Those who have been on the team for the majority of BLM's life, the core team will develop a small mobile game project. It is my personal interest to develop a game relative to the Undead Castle as a setup for the bigger version of the game. Maybe the Undead Castle 2D or similar. On the other hand, I've created a few other concepts relative to popular casual games. Not the artists way, but again we're trying to make back some of our money and boost our funds for the bigger game.

Hopefully, if you're viewing this you're interested in what we're doing and how far we've come as a team. If you are, please leave me a comment. I would really appreciate the feedback and the declaration that someone is actually interested. I know my passion for development will go somewhere, but the reassurance is encouraging. Thanks!

In the Beginning: Concepts

Posted by , 02 February 2013 - - - - - - · 790 views

Its imperative to start your game project with a strong dignified concept. Without a solid concept stage in development you could end up half way into a game and realize the game doesnt make any sense. Thats why Id like to talk about my short experience with video game concepts. By the way Im Allen Lambert the owner/project manager and game designer of Broken Limits Media. Follow me @afliii and drop me a message at facebook.com/afliii.

In the 1.5 years Ive been writing for BLMs projects Ive realized that a crucial sometimes lacking area of game development is in the very beginning. The conceptual stage(s) of the game are the most important moments of development. Its like the beginning of a game (as relevant as it can get). All video games start out with an opening story to lay out what the heck is happening. Do we have a time limit on how long we have to kill every terrorist attacking the nations capital? Why are there terrorists in the capital? Who could have allowed them to get here what technology do we have to defend ourselves what do they have to use against us and will they turn into zombies after we kill them? There can be a lot of information in the opening scene. In the beginning there was an idea a way knowledge required to move forward. There must be a strong beginning to be a strong ending because as they say You finish how you start.

If you start your game concept lazy and begin to develop a game based on a lacking game concept how do you expect to finish a quality game? Chances are youre going to have issues. BLM is taking 2-3 months to simply do concepts game design building and basic prototype aspects of our game The Undead Castle. We havent generated any solid models. We havent cranked out any deep music tracks. But we have sketched models characters tunes and we have a solid prototype with undead following sounds and movement rooms that generate randomly within the castle walls and other basic game features (HUD and so on). Were geared up to work on another game in the 2D platformer genre as well. That game is still in early concept stages because I believe in strong concepts. In fact Im in the process of writing three separate game concepts. I think its safer to examine multiple options so that the team all agrees on the select project and have a clear vision of what were going to do. In the early stages back when we settled on the Undead Castle I presented three concepts to the team and they all selected the Undead Castle. It was actually a struggle for me as I didnt know if the game had potential. I wrote it but I was very skeptical. Rest assured the game is going to be great!

Lets rap things up. Take your time on making your game concept(s) and dont feel like youre wasting time. Youre likely going to develop for at least 6 months for a nice quality polished game. Have your artistscoders and song writers sketch along side the development of your concepts. If youre an indie team then building your portfolio is important. Does it hurt to design a song sketch or two that will not make it into a game? I dont think so. Whatever doesnt kill you… Just take your time enjoy writing and designing gamesand get plenty of feedback.

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A concept sketch for a game concept. Yes.

Leave a comment if youd like to hear more about Patch. © Copyright Broken Limits Media LLC 2013

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