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What's Happening with my Team?

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I've had over 2000 views on my developers journal now, so I figure I should clear the air on what's actually happening with my team and why it might look to some people like we're all over the place. About a week ago there was a post regarding a new contract we had. I took that down. Reasons are confidential, but I can say that the project deal went bad within 4 days, due to a conflict of interests (so to speak). The team was really excited, but we have better things to do than to get burned after working ourselves to death on a "side project." So the big game we're working on right now, the one we have been working on for a few months now (concept/pre production phases) is the Undead Castle. See more about the project on our main page at blmdev.com.

A brief history before I continue: Broken Limits Media (BLM) started out as Broken Limits back in August '11. We went through a number of members and one failed project attempt and eventually finished Cubicle Chimera (cubiclechimera.com) ((Beta)). We decided to rap it up as a beta because it was a project to get our feet wet and familiarize ourselves with development, as a team. It worked for what it was intended for, so don't be too harsh when you play the rusty beta. We know it could be better. After that, I wrote a few concepts for the team to pick from and everyone leaned towards the Undead Castle. All the while, from about March 2012, I was communicating with the potential client. That fell through though.

Now we're working on the Undead Castle and we're concepting another game to make back some of the expenses incurred on the short-lived, bad contract deal. Those who have been on the team for the majority of BLM's life, the core team will develop a small mobile game project. It is my personal interest to develop a game relative to the Undead Castle as a setup for the bigger version of the game. Maybe the Undead Castle 2D or similar. On the other hand, I've created a few other concepts relative to popular casual games. Not the artists way, but again we're trying to make back some of our money and boost our funds for the bigger game.

Hopefully, if you're viewing this you're interested in what we're doing and how far we've come as a team. If you are, please leave me a comment. I would really appreciate the feedback and the declaration that someone is actually interested. I know my passion for development will go somewhere, but the reassurance is encouraging. Thanks!

Feb 09 2013 08:56 AM

Here, have some reassurance. 


It's not easy to get a team together and make it work. But you guys seem to be doing just that. Congrats!

Feb 10 2013 12:29 PM

Thanks! Yea it has been a long time since we started and we've gone through a lot, but I'm glad to still have the core team in order. We're international as well, so the time thing gets in the way a bit. But it's working out!

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