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Wooly: BLM Side Project

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We’re sure you’ve seen the nice Undead Castle title shot on the homepage! If you haven’t, jump over there and take a look. This blog isn’t going anywhere.


You like? We thought so. Credits go to Linda Lagzdina, our lead concept artist. She’s also working on most of the art for a side project we’re doing called Wooly. Actually, we haven’t told you about Wooly yet. Let’s do that now!

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Wooly is a game about a little Wooly Aphid. She has lost her eggs and is trying to gather them back to their nest. In the process she must use her own natural cotton-like silky strings to provide the eggs with bouncy platforms to move around the level safely. If she fails, the egg will drop, get stuck on spiky branches and sap, get eaten by bigger bugs, and otherwise destroyed by the natural surroundings of bug life. These creatures are super small. As small or smaller than ants! Ants farm these little guys too! That’ll play in the game at some point. We’ll likely use ants as allies the player can call on to clear blocked ways, defeat some enemies, etc.

The game is in early prototype phases and concept stages. We’ve developed this game based on a completely different game concept by BLM. We simply took that concept and laced it with a better theme.

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