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Announcing my Mailing List - News for Mobile Game Developers

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I'm very proud to announce this a initiative - The SOOMLA List. It's a very simple Idea - Every week or so I hand pick some great articles, news I found and other very useful links about free to play game design, virtual economies and more. This way I can be in touch more directly and engage in conversations about the topics.

If you like reading my blog here so far you will love these emails. You can subscribe to this list or shoot me an email to <yaniv [at] soom [dot] la> and I'll add you manually.

Here is a sample email:

Posts from SOOMLA Blog:

Interesting Conversations from our Facebook page and other Social tools:

Links we liked:

Feb 23 2013 08:04 PM

Is your Journal a repeat of other people's work or discoveries?

Feb 24 2013 01:58 AM

@Navyman, the short answer is NO. All my writing is unique and self made.


I'm constantly researching how developers are utilizing virtual economies in mobile games to make them more fun and engaging, I cover industry news related to this topic and try to bring fresh ideas. I write about one article per week and try to share it with others so they can benefit from my learning. From this reason I'm actually writing my blog in 3 different places, blog.soom.la, Gamedev.net and Gamasutra.com.


Specifically this post is announcing my mailing list which I believe is a great way for mobile game developers to discover content about free 2 play game design and other related topics. The list is built by carefully picking the best articles I wrote, the most interesting discussions and really good resources I discovered online. The resources I discovered are under the 'links we liked' section and are not my writing. However, everything else (80% of the list) is content that I wrote and people find it unique and insightful.


Some comments I received from list readers:

  • "Your mailing news sound interesting! Lets keep in touch!"
  • "I would love to receive your newsletter once a week."
  • "Please do add me to your mailing list and I will also circulate to others here. Looks like you have some great content to share!"

Hope this helps

Feb 25 2013 02:59 PM

Okay this sounds great. Thank you for not taking my question as an attack as it is common place to happen. I will be going back and reading some of your older posts.

Feb 26 2013 11:04 AM

Glad I could help. I also got curious and checked your company. Are you really from Honolulu. That's literally on the other side of the world from where I am :-). It's a beautiful place - I have been only once sadly. 

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