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23yrold3yrold's excessively awesome journal

4: Adsense


Bwahahaha! I have lots of free time at the new job right now, so I'm inflicting an entry on you. And yes, a new entry in this particular journal was said to herald in the end times. May God have mercy on your souls.

Fun times at the new job, which is 4 months and counting now. Tech support; yay! "I broke my Intarweb; can you send it to me on...


I'll fill this in in a bit. [smile]

EDIT: Wow. I actually meant to fill this in, but then my computer went crazy in revolt (see here). So now don't I look stupid. [grin]

In all honesty, I mostly posted to bump it so someone I was directing here could actually see the thing. As far as things to report in life itself ... not a whole lot. The article I wrote...


And I mean World of Warcraft, not [wow].

I bought this first day, and aside from the odd server problem that seems to have evaporated, I'm loving it. If anyone wants to party up, my main characters right now seem to be a male DE Hunter named Trial on Whisperwind (Central Normal), and a female DE Druid named Shii on Shadow Moon (Eastern...

Laserbeak update

I fixed the wings up. I was having a lot of trouble duplicating them without linking the IPO data, which was pissing me off. All's well now. Just to make things different, I used toy/cartoon colours this time, switched to toon shading, and added outlining.

The head and feet need sculpting a bit, and a few details to add to the body. Plus the weapons of...


Just so I can say I did something other than sit on my butt today (Fridays are not good for productivity), I did this:

Needs work along the outside of the texture, if you ask me. Oh, did I mention Blender 2.35 is out? Now with "a full undo system, complete rewritten and upgraded mesh modeling, Outliner tool, new deform features, and much much more"?...

Go ahead! Have that heart attack!

I basically had a day off today. They marched 10 of us into some Red Cross First Aid class for 8 hours today. Not that I'm taking it lightly, of course. Learnt some good stuff, and I got a nice little book to take home (First Aid: The Vital Link, Second Edition). It's some pretty cool stuff. I took CPR and first aid way back in high school, so it wasn't...

House of Stairs of Varying Dimensions

There's 2 sets of stairs that cross the middle of the room near the camera; one you look down on and another set you look more across. The former I really had to scale up to make the ends meet. It looks decent, but I bet I could hide the scaling more.

I'm thinking of making the lighting something like lamps with very limited range along the...

Greatest Strong Bad E-Mail ever.

That is not a small number!

PS: I started adding stairs to "House of Stairs"; the render below is updated. I really need to work on the layout a bit though; certian pieces are just not lining up. [razz]