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4: Adsense

Just so I can say I did something other than sit on my butt today (Fridays are not good for productivity), I did this:

Needs work along the outside of the texture, if you ask me. Oh, did I mention Blender 2.35 is out? Now with "a full undo system, complete rewritten and upgraded mesh modeling, Outliner tool, new deform features, and much much more"? Probably not, since I just discovered that myself. Go get.

Tomorrow gets treated like a work day again. Time will get tied up over the next couple of weeks with ministry, as I will be off for no less than 4 nights, two of which are actual work, one of which is training, and one of which is a party management is throwing to celebrate how great we are. Does where you work do that? [wink]

I should hold a vote to see if you guys want me working on TMS, House of Stairs, or Laserbeak tomorrow. But only one guy reads this, and we all know what he's gonna say (don't we, Richard? [wink]) ... heh. [cool]

PS: remember that article I wrote a month ago? I'm on schedule to actually get paid! [totally] I'm a little suspicioous of giving some guy in Poland my IBAN number, SIN, etc. but I still have faith I won't find my chequing account emptied next time I check it. [looksaround] I could use the cash, if only for WoW (hits this Tuesday! Pick it up!)

PPS: This amuses.

And now, sleepy time.

Nov 19 2004 04:51 PM
I read your journal too! ;)
And I would vote for TMS. And i would also vote that you should release a new demo. Now. Why are you still reading this? Demo! Pretty please?
Nov 20 2004 02:01 AM
I saw that Ad on the TV in the Gym yesterday - pretty well done I thought :)
Nov 21 2004 03:52 AM


/ Anonymous Poster
Nov 21 2004 08:36 AM
All European cars do this. Don't yours? ;)
Feb 22 2005 04:16 AM
Heh, I saw this and had to post it. Had too much fun with 3DMax a while back.

Apr 24 2005 10:32 AM
Wow that's weird because a few months ago I was also bored and made a similar picture.

I made it with Paint Shop Pro and a digital camera... the irises are my very own. I pasted them on a simple circle and used some type of sphererizer effect.

It's amazing what people do when they're board.

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