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4: Adsense

I'll fill this in in a bit. [smile]

EDIT: Wow. I actually meant to fill this in, but then my computer went crazy in revolt (see here). So now don't I look stupid. [grin]

In all honesty, I mostly posted to bump it so someone I was directing here could actually see the thing. As far as things to report in life itself ... not a whole lot. The article I wrote for that European magazine? Well, the mag is out, but I ain't paid. I don't think that's the magazine's fault; they seemed to legitimately try to get the money to me. My bank and their accounting department don't seem to be able to figure out how to transfer the money though. Oh well.

That new job? Within the next 4 to 6 weeks. The offices for the project are already set up downtown, and apparently they want to be selling this thing as soon as April. I need to get in some meetings and get some details about my part in this, hopefully soon. But I may finally be getting my butt out of Buhler. [inlove]

My computer is still acting up a bit, so I'm signing off for now ....

Dec 27 2004 01:52 PM
Well that was random. :)
Dec 28 2004 02:19 AM
Nice to see you're back [smile]
Dec 28 2004 10:46 AM
For the record, I'm still keeping an eye on my forum, so I technically never left. I just lurk a lot now. [grin]
/ Anonymous Poster
Dec 30 2004 05:13 AM
What's this new job? A programming job I assume .. Is it in the bag, yet? If so, CONGRATULATIONS! All your hard work amply rewarded.

Cheers Man!

Jan 29 2005 10:41 PM

Back to work now you slacker! :P

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