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A ton of work

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A ton of work Oh yes, this weekend has been filled with work. I've deviated a little bit from the tile and tile manager to do some more general stuff. I restructured a lot of my project and I feel I have most of my code where I want it and under control. GitHub's issues and milestones have really helped me get myself motivated, I've been up late nights just closing one more issue.

I decided to go with the Nuclex Framework's TrueType processor and the Bitstream Vera Sans Mono font which I think renders just perfectly. I also made up my mind to go with Oryx's Lofi Fantasy sprites during the development.

Some new features added are a debug overlay which shows the current FPS and the running game states. I also implemented the ability to load and save configuration options to an external file. Currently this only comprises of screen resolution, fullscreen option and keybindings though.

There's not a lot to show at the moment, the source code is now up to date on GitHub if anyone would want to look at it. I'm planning on importing one of my old goes at a tile system the comming days and then gradually modify it into what I'm looking for. Then there will be a lot more to show off.

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