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Oh, your code structure isn't pefect?

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Oh, your code structure isn't pefect? The problem with me creating stuff, generally, is that I am a perfectionist. And that doesn't only apply to the outcome but also the process of making something. Countless times I've looked at my projects and thought to myself; "That's a complete mess.." even though it was probably just fine. And this project is not an exception.

I've redesigned and restructured the game code quite a few times, trying different ways I can put together namespaces, projects and classes to achieve a structure I'm genuinely satisfied with. And I've come to the conclusion that that is a total time waster (newsflash). So moving from XNA to MonoGame, or being even more ambitious and moving to SharpDX, will be the time I think the structure through thoroughly and just stick with it.

As XNA's future doesn't look too bright I've decided to migrate to MonoGame, which also gives me the opportunity to port to Linux and a variety of other platforms as well when the time comes, or SharpDX which will be a lot tougher but might give me a bit more insight into DirectX development. So the current milestone I'm facing is just moving the game over to MonoGame or SharpDX and get it up and running. If I decide to go with MonoGame I will try to check out what has to be done to get it running on Linux and Mac and see if it's worth the work right now.

In other news, I actually got some very... dull I guess, screenshots to show off.
All graphics (except the message list) is courtesy of Oryx (http://oryxdesignlab.com/).

Posted Image

Posted Image

Hopefully, next time I've moved over to MonoGame / SharpDX and have settled down on a code structure and can get into adding some real features!

Feb 11 2013 10:01 AM

I think that perfectionism is a hard thing to overcome for anyone that has a lot of passion in their work, both for the final product and the work that lead up to it. Writers and painters are some of the hardest critics of their own work. Why should this be any different from programmers?

When I am blazing new territory like prototyping an idea I write my code in a style that will allow me to see a percent of the final product. If I notice things that should or come be upgraded or simplified I write a comment near the section of code and continue on with my current task.

I think that if I were to stop and "fix" I would lag behind in production schedules and I may miss a key element in the first run through of an idea.

As for you screenshots, it is always nice to have some thing to show off and I like the familiar style. 

Feb 11 2013 05:43 PM

I have found myself in this same boat all too many times.  What helped me to overcome it was money.  Customers don't tend to care if it's perfect they just want it done, and when you finish it they pay you.  From that I have learned to have an "acceptable" standard and a "personal" standard.  Where the acceptable is does it work?  Is the customer happy?  Are there bugs?  All in all there's few times that customers pay to maintain their works, more often they simply contract a fresh new build of the entire project ground up with new features and targets and what not.  As such, as long as the structure of the code remains viable throughout the coding process the first time you can be lax on return coding a bit.  That's not to promote poor coding practices but a way to let yourself actually be productive instead of a perfectionist.  When it all comes down to it my goal is to make stuff, I'm not big on the fight with the computer to get there so productivity over pretty in my book.

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