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Gamieon's Journal

4: Adsense

Skillz iOS, Unity 3, and I

In December 2013 I entered into a small "venture" with the Skillz team to make a simple game called Tiltz Tournament where players could compete for game coins or real money. I developed the core game, and they provided the tools for matchmaking and account management. Here I write about my experiences in hopes other Skillz developers can benefit, find...

Paper Cowboys Dev Update - Level 1 and more!

It's been a while since my previous update, but I finally have some content to show off for the new level 1 in Paper Cowboys full! The reasons it took me so long:

Procrastination : I simply didn't have that creative spirit and motivation. I've been rather busy at my full time work and exercising lately.
Overdesign : I spent at least five hours worth of t...