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Open Sourcing Vaerydian

Vaerydian LGPL Open Source
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Well, now I've gone and done it... I made Alpha 2 of Vaerydian Open Source under LGPL v3 so its open and free to poke around in. I'm still going to keep developing on it as I see it as an interesting experimentation platform for game ideas here and there. But if you were curious about how to do some of the following, give it a look here: Vaerydian GitHub Page

Vaerydian's Engine shows the following features:
  • Multi-Platform (will compile under Linux & Windows)
  • Procedural maps
  • Entity-Component-System based design
  • Behavior Trees
  • Asynchronous Event-driven threading for dynamic AI switching (Behavior Forest concept)
  • A* Pathing w/ binary heaps
  • Simple Skeletal animation
  • Data Driven design w/ JSON
  • Knowledge Based RPG progression mechanics
  • Screen-based game segmentation w/ threaded loading
  • Glimpse UI framework
  • SAT collision detection and resolution
  • Other odds 'n ends

Aug 02 2013 08:00 PM

I enjoyed perusing the code.  Thanks!

Aug 03 2013 04:29 AM

Welcome! Its a work in progress, so i'm iterating on it every couple of days when the mood strikes me. You can check the issues list on my github page to see what i'm looking into at any moment. I just recently put down a lot of the data structures to allow for character templating and just need to build the template and data loader to start getting that ready. Fun Times! :)

Aug 03 2013 08:12 PM

Does it work under Visual Studio?

Aug 04 2013 05:09 AM

yes, you can compile it under VisualStudio 2010/2012, XamarinStudio 4+, and MonoDevelop 4+.


As always, be sure to build all the dependencies first for the target environment or it obviously wont compile :)

Aug 05 2013 11:01 AM

Good job, I hope to see more developers doing this with finished products.

Aug 05 2013 12:55 PM

well, I wouldn't say its finished, just at a point I was comfortable it had progressed far enough that some folks may find it interesting. Its all cheesey developer art/sounds w/ appropriate rough edges, but it works ;)


Also, just pushed base character template code out, so right now it can read-in the characters.v file and construct the BAT character from that. I'll have to add creature definitions to the map files later to specify what creatures are available to spawn in a given map, and adjust the spawn trigger code to handle more than 1 creature type. :)

Aug 06 2013 10:41 PM

Never heard of the game, but will surelly look into it now! (and by now, i mean now)

Always good to see open source games.


Took a look at the lighting video, looks nice!

Hope to see this project finished soon!

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