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Inane Ravings of a Mad Engineer

4: Adsense

Counting LEDs like Sheep

Yea! I finally found the tutorial on how to use Xilinx's ISE program to turn VHDL into bitfiles that can run on the avnet Spartan 3A Evaluation Kit . I followed the included tutorial that sets up a counter and sets the LEDs to display the top bits of the count, except I made some simple changes to make sure I understood everything. The only...

c is faster

Lately, work has been satisfying my software development drive, so I've started getting back into another hobby - electronics. I dug out an old 'lots of projects in 1' kit from my closet and sent out a few orders to various places (primarily mouser, amazon, and ebay) to start creating a full kit to work from.

After receiving the first few things I ordered,...

Numbers and Words

I had my 0th wedding anniversary yesterday (September 6th, 2009).

Things Leading

Life is good, but busy. The new job is working out great. Working on interesting, challenging problems is much better than tedium.

On June 8, 2008, I met an amazing woman and spent over 4 hours enjoying conversation with her over lunch. On June 18, 2009, I presented her with a ring, and she accepted it. On September 6, 2009, she becomes my...

Forward the Foundation

Near the end of last year, I found out that my employer was closing the branch I was working in, and that I could continue on until the office was actually closed in December. After we (the employees of the closing branch) found out, we made an argument for a later date that coincided with a contract deadline, and it was accepted by management. The...

Fantastic Contraption Challenge

A while back, there was a big post in the lounge about the fun game Fantastic Contraption. I liked it enough to register and created a rather challenging level titled, creatively, Extrarius 1. The next thing I did was to solve my own level to be sure it could be done. My solution is fairly simple, but I want to see some other solutions (if there are any),...

Degree of Freedom

I realized when making this post that I'd hadn't announced that I graduated here. On Dec 14, 2007, I got my B.Sc. in Computer Science. Well, actually, I don't have the degree yet - an ID was required before they would hand over the degree after the ceremony, and I forgot to bring one, but I did graduate =-)

I'm not really sure why I feel it...


If you've kept up with various threads over the years, you might have noticed that I repeatedly mention a boycott of games, movies, music, etc for various reasons and that the only way I get such things is as gifts.

Well, I finally found an artist awesome enough to buy - the amazing "Weird Al" Yankovic. I noticed some of his videos on YouTube,...

Domain Reservers Anonymous

Hello, World. I'm Extrarius, and I'm a domain reserver. That's right - I get a "good idea" for a domain name and then register it, even though I know I'll never have time to work on the project (if I even have a project in mind).

For example, I recently made a joke to a friend about making reviews for movies/games/etc using RPG mechanics to explain...


I was just going through some of my old files when I found this gem:

Déjà vu Nostalgia, Déjà vu.

Awesome Progress!!

I was just going through some old code when I found a 'TrigTest' program I made to benchmark various trig approximations for a thread here a while back. Since I originally compiled it using VS 2003, I now have VS 2005, and I've heard many complaints about VS 2005's optimizer, I decided to recompile it with the same settings and see how much changed.


Catalog /This/

After buying the Asomiv collection "I, Robot" twice, I decided it'd probably be a good idea to catalogue all the books (and the short stories in those books, where applicable) that I own. I had a few spare minutes this morning, so I went over one shelf and have recorded the title and ISBN (or, for those that lack an ISBN, misc other info that might...


C++ templates are fun. I hadn't gotten "warning C4503: decorated name length exceeded, name was truncated" in MSVS since I stopped using 6 years ago, but just now I had a project gain 85 such warnings after adding some classes like the following:template <typename TClassType,
typename TMemberType,
const TMemberType TClassType::*const...

Time For Tea

Please, for the love of all that is well-engineered, do not use QueryPerformanceCounter for timing.

Thank you,
Owner of a Dual-Core CPU

Progression Ho!

Last night I received and set up my new machine, and even though I don't have much installed, it already seems MUCH faster.
Previously, I had an Athlon 2400+ (2.0 GHz) with 640MB of PC2100 RAM. Now I'm running an Athlon 64 X2 3800+ (2.0 GHz) with 2.0GB (Dual Channel 2x 1GB) of DDR400 RAM and the machine boots in under 5 seconds. Yes, I know that a fresh...

Heaps and Lists and Leaks

If you ever decide it'd be a good idea to implement your own memory heap system for whatever reason, make sure you do it correctly, which includes combining multiple small neighboring blocks into a single larger block at least occasionally if you allow blocks to be split. Also, while a linked list is a convenient way to store a 'free list', it's going to...

Ah, the Joys of School

Yay! I finally get to sleep after 48 hours of last-minute-start-and-finish-a-major-school-project.
Over the last 48 hours (during which I had no sleep), I wrote 65KB (counting end file size, which excludes the initial work I did since I started over) of barely commented C++ code that implements the essentials of an intel 8086 assembler to the point that it...

Windows Is Awesome

Desipite the fact that school computers are underpowered (128MB of RAM isn't enough for a near-default WinXP Pro install) and filled with crap (despite all kinds of 'protective measures' that are instantly nullified by the fact that the 'guest' account is a local admin on every machine), they usually run decently.
Sometimes, however, they come with...

FlameWarriors: Unite!

I just had an awesome idea for a website: InaneRavings.Com
Note that it's all just rhetoric meant to gather a 'community' (so much as such a site could)

It will take a lot of work, but I think it will be quite popular once I get it up and running.

I'm wondering if the page looks the same on other browsers, but I'd rather not install them myself...

There Be Pirates

Checking my web logs, I noticed somebody had not only 'stole' some of my art (below), but they had forums linking straight to my site so they were leeching bandwidth too =-( It isn't a lot, but it was kind of a slap in the face to see that kind of thing going on.
It's nice to see that the person liked what little I've done, but they could have at...