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Digitopia's Journal

4: Adsense

Small update

Website got a new look.    Scrollable mini map has been added.    The development has slowed down due to finding other means of getting finances to finish our project.   http://www.digitopia.info/Graphics/GameUpdates/ScrollableMiniMap.png    Images on the new page were moved, so if anyone is interested in previous updates (that contain images that are not...

Amy updated and basic robot upgrades

Amy updated: http://www.digitopia.info/Graphics/Amy2.png Basic robot upgrades:http://www.digitopia.info/Graphics/upgrade.png

Amy finished

Finished Amy, player assistant and researcher. Some small details will still be drawn and background, but majority is finished.    http://www.digitopia.info/Graphics/Amy.png

Video and Amy

Video of current progress: bar is now scrollable, I added 4-build stage of spaceship, which will depend on research (it's not functional now, but it will be soon). Upgrade section was also added, where the upgrade items will be put on the robot. Not functional yet, but it will go like this: players will research some st...

Crafting added and working

Current base inventory picture (crafting on the right side and already working). Crafting bar will be made scrollable soon.http://www.digitopia.info/Graphics/Crafting.png Current menu picture (text will change later and some changes will be also made to this):http://www.digitopia.info/Graphics/menuPic.png

Video of current progress

Just a small video of current progress:http://youtu.be/zr9F7p0vLug

Background, changed most tiles, added a few bars

Added background (upper smoky city type and bottom dirt-rock type), changed the look of most tiles. Added tile for oil, for robot to regain fuel at fuel reservoir. Quick bar works for placing dirt and stone on the map (other things will be added later; like dynamite etc.).  Added a a few bars:- Energy bar (used for crafting and researching)- Oil bar (for...

Added Quick bar, Base inventory, Fuel reservoir, drag and drop between bars.

Added base and fuel reservoir on map, also quick bar (seen all the time) and base inventory (seen only when inventory is open and when robot is near the base). Still missing crafting buttons (will be added soon; probably on the right side of Base inventory). Player is able to drag and drop items between bars.   http://www.digitopia.info/Graphics/Crafting-...

Random generator, bars and a base

Random map generator is finished. Here are some sample maps created:   http://digitopia.info/Graphics/RandomMaps.png    Base on the planet, where the crafting, equipping, upgrading and repair will take place (as soon as the robot comes to it):   http://digitopia.info/Graphics/Base.png    Bars to be crafted from ore are also finished. Example how they look...

Mining Machinery Co., Operation: Seeker, 2D sandbox mining game

My boyfriend and I have started our first big project to make a 2D sandbox mining game for PC (if you have Java you can play it). It is also plan to make it for android in the future.We already made a few small games for college and home projects. It's time to think big! http://public.gamedev.net//public/style_emoticons/default/smile.png Short summary of...