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Video of current progress

Posted by , 04 March 2013 · 619 views

Digitopia Mining Machinery Mining Machinery Operation: Seeker Operation Seeker Miner 2d sandbox mining game mining game
Just a small video of current progress:

Looks like you are making some great progress.

Thank you. We are doing our best to finish the game as soon as possible. :)

That looks pretty cool, and kind of reminds me of an old game called Motherload (by xgen studios). I'm curious if you've played it - it's probably the only flash game that had me addicted to it. I'm not saying you're making a clone or copying them, just that they got some things right.


My only critique is that there seems to be a lot of darkness even near the digging machine, and its kind of hard to tell what the surrounding tiles. It's fine if that's what you're going for, but it might also be more useful if the players don't have to squint when plying - well, at least I did :)

Yes, we played Motherload and some other similar games. We are getting inspiration from that games and shaping them to our vision and improving some things we found lacking. The plan is to make this game big, versatile and exciting. 


Only yesterday we made the lights (and darkness), it probably will be corrected to be bigger (the light around the robot) or we will make an upgrade for the lights to be available soon in the game. Also the robot will change to more human looking one (but at the moment we are focusing on crafting and upgrading). 


Thank you for your feedback. :)

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