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New website, Halfway through Alpha I

4: Adsense

I continue to plan to occasionally post in Game Design, as the feedback I've gotten has been fantastic!

However, as this post is more of a status update than any particular question, I've created a journal. Picking up from this task list, https://www.gamedev.net/topic/637588-starbase-citadel-minimum-viable-product/, I made some progress the last few months.

Alpha I Version

Human Frigate
  • Torpedoes: collision detection / damage [complete]
  • Ability: Shield Flare [complete]
  • AI

Regelos Destroyer
  • Ability: Repeat Laser Blast [complete]
  • AI

Bases: Art + AI for each of the following
  • Human Starbase
  • Regelos Starbase
  • Human Citadel
  • Regelos Citadel

  • Add energy indicator to main screen [complete]
  • Subtract more energy for faster movement as well as laser use [complete]
  • Disallow lasers or fast movement when out of energy, shields max at half [complete]

General Gameplay
  • Friendly versus Enemy (no friendly fire), display team color
  • Stats: Display these small icons around each ship on tactical map: Hull, Shield, Energy
  • Display remaining game objects on strategic window
  • Add borders to game world / fix size

  • capturing enemy planets mechanism
  • seeding planets: assign ownership of planets at game start [complete]
  • display team ownership of each planet on tactical and strategy map [complete]
  • defense grid
  • repair/fuel stations

Player Slot Management
  • 20 players per team [complete]
  • victory conditions (server reset)
  • players entering / leaving game conversions with AI [complete]
  • quit button [added disconnect/menu instead]

The goal for the Alpha I version is a minimal, but fully playable game suitable for a small group of early testers.

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