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BGBTech: The Status Update

4: Adsense

Status: BTIC1C + BC6H and BC7, Expanded RGB depth.

well, first off, recently did a test showing the image quality for BTIC1C:

this test was for a video at 1024x1024 with 8.6 Mbps and 0.55 bpp.

as noted, the quality degradation is noticeable, but "mostly passable".
some amount of it is due largely to the conversion to RGB555, rather than actual quantization arti...

misc: added more features for BTIC1C...

well, the BTIC3A effort also kind of stalled out, mostly as the format turns out to be overly complex to implement (particularly on the encoder). I may revive the effort later, or maybe try again with a simpler design (leaving blocks in raster order and probably designing it to be easier to encode with a multi-stage encoder).

so, I ended up for now just...

Possible: BTIC1E (BPTC / BC6H / BC7 + Video Codec)

yes, yet more codec wackiness...

seeing as how my graphics hardware has a limited number of options for (non DXTn / S3TC) compressed texture formats, but does support BPTC / BC6H / BC7, which hinder effective real-time encoding (*), it may make sense to consider developing a video codec specifically for this.

*: though there is always the option of "ju...

misc: FRIR2, (Possible) Alpha + Theora and XviD

recently was working some on a new interpreter design I was calling FRIR2.

what is it?

basically a Three-Address-Code Statically-Typed bytecode format;
the current intention was mostly to try to make a bytecode at least theoretically viable to JIT compile into a form which could be more performance competitive with native code, mostly for real-time audi...