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otherwise: new codec, BTAC 2A

audio codec compression BTAC
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Some info available here:


this is basically a codec I threw together over the past some-odd days (on-off over the past 10 days), probably a solid 3 or 4 days worth of implementation effort though.

it was intended to try to have a better size / quality tradeoff than my prior BTAC, but thus far it hasn't quite achieved it, though it has gotten "pretty close to not having worse audio quality".

unlike the prior BTAC, it is a little more flexible.
given its use of Huffman-coding and similar, it is a bit more complicated though.

currently, the encoder is hard-coded to use 132 kbps encoding (basically, as a compromise between 88 and 176 kbps that is similar to 128).

both are designed for random access to blocks from within my mixer (as opposed to stream decoding), so this is their main defining feature (as far as the mixer can tell, it looks pretty similar to the prior BTAC).

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