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Native Code Tutorials

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Between the release of LE3 and the GDC, life at Leadwerks has been busy to say the least. Now that things have settled down (a little) it is time for something that I have been looking forward to for a while: Tutorials!

At GDC we were constantly talking about the power and flexibility that direct native code programming allows and how users are not locked into only component based programming. But then you look at the example game Darkness Awaits and see only component based programming and just Lua scripts....

It's time to right these wrongs.

A comprehensive series of tutorials are underway that will teach how to use the many tools of the engine as well as demonstrate the capabilities of direct native code programming.

This series is currently in the design phase and I am working with universities to make sure that the tutorials not only teach the engine but also cover key game development topics.

Here are a few high level design points for the tutorials:
  • Teach the engine and its tools
  • Using native code with Leadwerks (aka how to use C++ with visual studios or Xcode along with the Leadwerks 3 engine)
  • First Person Shooter
As always I'd love to hear suggestions and ideas! I'll keep updates coming as tutorial development ramps up!

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