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Squared'D's Journal

4: Adsense

A Complete Graphics-less Game #3

More Design and the First Basic Prototype  In this journal entry, I'll talk about the prototype that I have written. Prototyping is a way to test concepts without committing to anything. Many like to use prototypes to test potential features. I think this is a good idea and I also do it. I also like to prototype code. Sometimes I do this in conjunction wi...

A Complete Graphics-less Game #2

Part 2 - The Preliminary Design / Concept   I'm going to start this project by doing a little design work first. When I used to work at the USDA, I would review proposals from companies bidding on IT projects. Their concepts and specs had to be good because they wanted get the contract and get money. What I'm doing now is nothing like that. This isn't go...

A Complete Graphics-less Game #1

The Idea   What's the first thing that the we often notice when playing video games? Most of us see the graphics first and games that look good and have a lot of eye-candy make people immediately interested. Because of this, many (myself included) have been focusing on making good looking games. While I think good graphics are necessary, focusing on grap...