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Squared'D's Journal

2013-09-19 Project B Update & My First Motion Comic Experiment

Posted by , in Project B 19 September 2013 - - - - - - · 998 views
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2013-09-19 Project B Update
It's been a while since I've posted something so I thought it was time for me to release more information. The game has been going well. I had been working on integrating NVidia Physx 3 with the engine. Now I have a character that can run around the level and it can collide with the walls and go up ramps. I love using physics engines. Making good collision code can be a pain and now that I have PhysX 3 integrated I'll be able to do some interesting things.

Do you know what else I love? I love component-based entity systems. For the most part now, everything in the game uses the same entity system, whether they be character entities or level objects. I just have 2 types of physics components so far. One uses a PhysX character controller and can respond to user or AI input. The other just sets up the basic physics bodies and geometry. Adding features using components is so easy. Just build the component, create the system to process it, and add the component to a factory. Then I add the component to an entity, and it just works. I love it.

My First Motion Comic Experiment
Now for the other thing I wanted to talk about, motion comics. Honestly, I was starting to get a little burnt out constantly working on this project. I also wanted something to make the game more special so for the past 3 days, I've been working on a motion comic framework that I'll be able to integrate into my game and GUI system. It basically just applies various effects to still images. All of the effects are currently hard coded in C++, but eventually I'm going to add AngelScript support and all scripted effects add-ons. Here's a small sample of what it can do. It's not great and it's mostly programmer art. Don't worry, none of the images are apart of Project B. A cool project B motion comic will be available in 2-4 weeks, when we reveal the game's real name. (We haven't used the game's real name because we haven't thought of it yet.) One last thing. Sorry for going overboard with the mosaic tile effect.

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