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A Complete Graphics-less Game #1

beginner text based game programming
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The Idea
What's the first thing that the we often notice when playing video games? Most of us see the graphics first and games that look good and have a lot of eye-candy make people immediately interested. Because of this, many (myself included) have been focusing on making good looking games. While I think good graphics are necessary, focusing on graphics too much can cause new programmers especially to not take the time to develop other needed skills. We can't all be graphics programmers right? How about organizing entities? How about loading data or integrating with a scripting language? These are some issues that I will tackle in this journal.

How will I do it without worrying about graphics? When I was in middles school, we used to have old Apple II computers in the computer lab. Some of us used to make simple text games which were just a really long nest of if statements. So that gave me the idea to make a text based from start to finish and I will document my progress using this journal. I will not use any of my old code. I will start from scratch and try to use only standard C++.

I've used console applications before to test code before, but this will be my first full-scale text-based game. I'll try to post at least once a week. I'll start with a quick a dirty game design. Then I'll do some prototyping, then I'll design a little more. This will not be a tutorial per se, as I don't want to show people how to make a text-based game. I want to show how it can be useful to step away from the graphics and concentrate on other things.

May 22 2013 06:49 PM

I just noticed that there is already a similar journal out on Gamedev, (A featured one at that) Oh well. It's ok. I'll continue to make this one. I think our focuses are different. He's more focused on teaching how things are done and developing his own skills. My focus is on making a game and I'm writing more so to people with more intermediate programming skills.

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