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Project B - New Project

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Project B

Hello all. I've been working hard on putting the graphics-less game together and I'm going to continue to work on it, but work will go a little slower as I'm starting to work on a new game project. I've already developed a 3D multi-player game engine that was used for my last IGF entry shown here (Genesis SEED), but these days I've been doing some major improvements and updating the rendering system. The project was in limbo so I started doing other things. Now with this new project, I need to quickly get my improvements up and running. Basically, the old system was DX 9 only, but I've been building a new system that I hope will give me multi-platform capabilities in the future. Currently it supports DX 9 and DX 11. Here's a list of the things that I need to finish by August. While I the old project was in limbo, I also started building a new GUI system. I want to finish it and use it with this new game. I'll try to provide regular updates here, maybe even some videos that detail my progress.

Here's my task list:

Posted Image

I picked up the color-coded system back when I was working for the USDA. I use to do contract management and IT security while I was there. The project managers for the database systems would use a similar color-coded system. I like it because it easily lets me see what I need to do. And I hate seeing red. That motivates me to work faster. Right now, there is too much red.

I will update this blog weekly. I'd like to submit this game to IGF so I'll probably post some test framework code for the public to try out.

Jun 30 2013 10:45 PM

It is always good to see people with a fairly detailed plan for development.

Jun 30 2013 11:15 PM
Yeah. I find that I work much better and more quickly when I have clear goals and steps. I got a little behind schedule tracking down a bug that appears on Windows 8 laptops with an Intel HD 4000 / AMD Radeon combo, but I've been working to catch up.
Jun 30 2013 11:46 PM

I like the task layout. I might steal it for one of my projects :P

Jul 01 2013 06:05 PM

You know what's funny about the color-coded scheme? The reason why they made it color-coded was because the directors didn't like to read the task list. All they cared about was whether or not things were on time. So we made the color-coded scheme so they could tell what was going on just by looking at the colors.

Jul 02 2013 12:07 AM

Lazy people have been the root of a many improvements. :)

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