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Project B - 2013-07-23 Update -- Models (with screen shots)

Posted by , 22 July 2013 · 637 views

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Project B - 2013-07-23 Update -- Models (with screen shots)

Re-adding models has been more difficult than expected. I guess I've changed things more than I had originally thought. As I was working on the model system, I decided to knock a few things off of my to-do list. I use an component-based entity system. Before, the graphics data and the other information need to define the components for an entity were separate files. The component information was stored in an XML file. I've changed things so now everything will be kept in one binary file. The new binary format is flexible and can keep information for many kinds of components--even components that I haven't though of yet.

I've got models loading and saving, but I'm still working on animations. Here are some screen shots. The model was provided by our team artist.

This shot shows a basic model. There's normal mapping and some glow.
Posted Image

This shows the front and back of the model. The face is shinier than the body.

Posted Image

Posted Image

Here's my updated schedule. I'm behind and need to catch up in a hurry.

Posted Image

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