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Project B - 2013-07-29 Update Animations

project B game development
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Things have been going a little slower than I had originally expected, but things have really been picking up. I've got models loading and animating. Next I'll start putting levels back in, work on some networking code, and the add model attachments. Here's my updated schedule.

Posted Image

I'm also going to include the latest version of the female model with improved textures. The artist in my team have been working hard getting animations done. It's been a bit slow as they're getting use to working with each other though. Hopefully soon they'll have new walk and run animations for me to show.

Posted Image

The video below is actually an older model. It was used for Genesis SEED. I'm using it here as test data while the other models are being worked on. This model was created, textured, and animated by Sung Shin.

Jul 29 2013 06:17 PM

To prepare myself for my next few steps, I've been downloading the latest versions of the middleware products that I use. The two biggest being RakNet and Nvidia PhysX. Word to the wise, try to keep your tools up to date. when you wait a while like me, you find that sometimes the code has changed quite a bit. RakNet and PhysX are being actively developed and improved on so they always have new features on top of the usual bug fixes.

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