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Somewhere in space

4: Adsense

In defence of hit points

My game will be Ultima with laser guns.

(Actually, I think the original Ultima already had laser guns. So my game will be Ultima with...more laser guns.)

The first Ultima had a simple interface (having to use keyboard shortcuts for everything notwithstanding). You bump into a monster to attack it. I want to maintain the simplicity of the first Ultim...

Some notes about my game's world

Here is a semi-random collection of notes about my game's background and setting. Some of these may change in the future.

The game will aim for some degree of verisimilitude, as in "hard science fiction," but will have a humorous tone. I'm going to avoid things like psychic powers, but flying toasters will count among your foes and you will heal your wou...

GUIs - Wheel reinvention

In a fit of madness I came up with this:

widget.h and widget.cpp #ifndef WIDGET_HPP#define WIDGET_HPP#include <vector>#include <SFML/Graphics.hpp>using std::vector;class Widget{ public: enum Visibility { VISIBLE, HIDDEN, COLLAPSED }; bool isModal; sf::Vector2i pos; Widget() : parentPtr(NULL), isModal(false), pos(0, 0), vis...

Most GUI libraries are terrible

The title is hyperbole. Mostly.

I need a GUI library. RPGs require a robust user interface. I've attempted to write my own GUI systems in the past and this has killed many a project. There was always something I didn't anticipate and couldn't work into my existing design. General application frameworks like Qt typically aren't suited for games due to p...

The start

Here I will attempt to chronicle the efforts of creating a science fiction Ultima-inspired RPG.

I'm a hobbyist game developer, and this game will be freeware and open source. I suppose if the code turns out good enough I may follow up with a commercial game, but that's another story.

So far I have this:

I figure this art style will be a fair trade-off...