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DOT Space Hero's Journal

DOT Space Hero is avaliable for iOS

Posted by , in DOT Space Hero 15 July 2013 - - - - - - · 649 views
Shooter, retro, arcade, indie and 3 more...
Hello everyone!

I'm going to writing a development journal of our first game DOT Space Hero, it has been developed by a team of two and was released for iOS a few day ago, we are currently working to make a Lite version and then it will come to Android, PC & Mac. Our idea was to make a different shooter game for mobile considering the limitations of a touch device, so we added features of the genre runner for easy operation without removing the fun, challenge and difficulty from shooters. And above all, without IAPS!

We have taken a year to develop it, without funding, from our home, at distance and putting a lot of passion and commitment, so I'd like to share with you our experience in this long road that we still have.

The game is made with Unity3D, programmed with C# and we used some plugins that helped us like 2DToolkit, HOTween and NGUI. In addition, the game has 30 handmade illustrations, four different worlds with a great variety of enemies and 5 bosses. If someone want to try it, we have some Promocodes to give you.

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