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IcedCrow's Dev Journal

4: Adsense

Project Genesis (Space Sim) - adding a reticle

Project Genesis (Space Sim) - adding a reticle http://baelsoubliette.wordpress.com/2013/08/19/project-genesis-adding-target-reticle/#comment-12

Genesis Phase II complete - physics on the ship to station collision

The screenshot remains the same as in phase 1, only this time we added some physics to the mix to bounce the ship off of it. This took a little bit of playing around…


The first thing that I had to do was get my ship model loaded in. I’m using the basic ship from the Dir...

Fun with Unity - Making spaceships move

I have my project broken into milestones, which I call phases... and the first phase is nearing completion. The first phase is simply to be able to render a space station of appropriate scale, and then be able to "fly" around it.

This involved a few things:

1) finding a good space station model and then rendering it (done)
2) creating a camera
3) mappi...

Project Crucible Basic Screen

Project Crucible Basic Screen Very basic learning with terrain editor for my virtual tabletop. Unity has been a lot of fun so far... needing to raise $1500 for the full version now so I can get the full water version ;)

Title Screenshot Rendered

Title Screenshot Rendered Nothing spectacular... title screen shot renders and buttons hooked in:

XNA vs Unity - Moving Forward

I’ve spent the better part of the week analyzing continuing my work in XNA for my game development, or moving into a system called UNITY 3D.

When I first started hearing about Unity and researching it, a lot of people were saying that its nothing more than a design tool and that people were better off sticking with XNA or Monobuild to create their game....