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A Terrain Minimap with SlimDX and DirectX 11

Minimaps are a common feature of many different types of games, especially those in which the game world is larger than the area the player can see on screen at once. Generally, a minimap allows the player to keep track of where they are in the larger game world, and in many games, particularly strategy and simulation games where the view camera is no...

Adding Shadow-mapping and SSAO to the Terrain

Now that I’m finished up with everything that I wanted to cover from Frank Luna’s Introduction to 3D Game Programming with Direct3D 11.0 , I want to spend some time improving the Terrain class that we introduced earlier . My ultimate goal is to create a two tiered strategy game, with a turn-based strategic level and either a turn-based or real-t...

Rendering Water with Displacement Mapping

Quite a while back , I presented an example that rendered water waves by computing a wave equation and updating a polygonal mesh each frame. This method produced fairly nice graphical results, but it was very CPU-intensive, and relied on updating a vertex buffer every frame, so it had relatively poor performance.

We can use displacement mapping to ap...

SSAO with SlimDX and DirectX11

In real-time lighting applications, like games, we usually only calculate direct lighting, i.e. light that originates from a light source and hits an object directly. The Phong lighting model that we have been using thus far is an example of this; we only calculate the direct diffuse and specular lighting. We either ignore indirect light (light that ha...

Windows 8.1 and SlimDX

This weekend, I updated my home workstation from Windows 8 to Windows 8.1. Just before doing this, I had done a bunch of work on my SSAO implementation, which I was intending to write up here once I got back from a visit home to do some deer hunting and help my parents get their firewood in. When I got back, I fired up my machine, and loaded up VS to r...